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Friday, 31 October 2014

Mobikwik – A Go-To Payments App

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I always dreamt of having single application which does our multiple tasks like bill payments, recharging, shopping etc. Luckily found one such recharge app which is a great gift in such a busy schedule where we can’t roam to different offices for doing most necessary things. Mobikwik is such a versatile app which serves various jobs like prepaid mobile recharging, postpaid mobile and landline bill payments, DTH recharging, Data card recharging or bill payments, gas and electricity bill payments etc using direct online payment or through Mobikwik wallet or even through direct cash. Best part is, Mobikwik supports most of the operators and they keep updating with the newly entered network operators. Let’s say in our friend’s house there are old people who can’t walk out to the store for recharge and they can’t use technologies like us, in such scenario Mobikwik offers cash collection from our doorstep. An agent from the company will visit the address within 24 hours and collect cash. Within 2-3 hours of cash collection, the phone will be recharged. That’s really amazing right.
I have used many online applications till now and among all those Mobikwik stood ahead with their unique facilities, speedy recharges, and user friendly interfaces both as online and mobile app. The mobile app is so light that it doesn’t consume much of mobile memory or bandwidth hence does our work in seconds. Think about the time when we used to stand in queue for bill payments and so much of fines we used to pay when we forget to do. Now we can do all these whenever we want to and because of BSNL online recharge facilities, there is no time zone to complete our work. 

Another great thing is Mobikwik wallet facility. Just create an account with very few details and add some money into wallet using any net banking facilities and use it for paying the bills, recharging or shopping or booking movie tickets, or gifting your friends and many more. We can use this wallet as a back up debit card since we can use it to shop with lot of merchandizes like eBay, YepMe,, stylehoops, etc. We can use it in few of the restaurants, pizza shops and can avail cash back options. We will get lot of discount offers if we use Mobikwik wallet but on top of it, we can get gift coupons if we shop with it. 
With one Mobikwik account we can recharge for whole family and it can serve whole family shopping necessity. Mobile phones become an essential part of our lives and a mobile phone with zero balance is like a dead device. To make mobile phone alive, we have to recharge it on time. With Mobikwik we can schedule the mobile recharge time for all our family members number so we can make sure our numbers doesn’t drop to zero balance. Its best advantage is that it does not charge us any extra money, saves our time and efforts.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

kusadasi: A famous port of Turkey

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Resorts in Turkey are loud and gathered in summer with the lanes lined delightfully with Irish pubs, bars, and shops that offer fake planner things. Additionally, you get to revel in at move clubs that are open all as the night progressed. Be that as it may, vacationers need to dodge top season. Rather, they may search for an extravagance desert spring or little inn in old quarter.

Kusadasi, despite a steady supply with the vacation fishing boats, is actually yet the active doing some fishing interface and is also a great foundation to examine dropped towns regarding Menderes valley or the particular wetlands in addition to luxurious woodlands regarding Dilek landmass other than the particular Menderes Delta Countrywide Park your car. This specific car park hosts steers, not for domesticated stallions as well as multiple the particular white pelicans. View boatmen consuming in addition to ingesting in the BalikAile Cay Bahcesi eating place right now there within the seafood market's major.

Just one important love affair in Bodrum interface town in Chicken could be the harbor ch√Ęteau of the particular Knights in battle regarding E Steve. Recently, it hosts a selection damage traditional middle that is loaded with artefacts by different generations display within the inshore rich waters. Travelers might enjoy it and also the fleshpots in Bodrum though trading quality time from prosperous hotel KempinskiBarbaros These kinds of.

This specific lodging is defined over a personal soft sand coast possessing bedrooms in which trick personal decks along with awesome sea sees. There may be perhaps an incredible health spa on your entertainment. You will not choose causing this particular covering which includes numerous inward eateries. From here, Bodrum is actually aside simply by 20 min's providing you slumming in addition to traveling.

Shed Metropolitan areas

With Chicken, types of old amazing things regarding retaining archeologists awestruck in addition to happy regarding lifetime. Greater in to the hinterland, monstrous rock minds individuals with the Nemrut Dag in addition to simple Alfredia houses regarding worship, specifically wring slashed types in addition to unordinary stone segments in which regarding Cappadocia remain famous. Conversely, special occasion trifler might use the massive accidents which have been inside of flexible amount through the shore.

Kusadasi is really a greatest spot for a look into Menderes valley. In this article, you will find leftovers regarding Hellenistic downtown residential areas in which remain large within the hills in addition to despite silk cotton fields. Solely a half-hour by Kusadasi is actually Ephesus that eclipses the particular remainders. With summer time, it might be drastically occupied. Regardless, in in close proximity spot, you will find warm continues to be where you may practical knowledge a number of company, who jab about between segments in addition to figure lower along with a couple of, 000-year old graffiti.

Priene are usually near Kusadasi in which disregard the Menderes delta. Milet, that is some sort of greatest seaport after is actually as of late dry out in addition to high. Moreover, there exists Didime, the particular bygone enclave featuring light-weight dark rock one or two hours kilometers far from Altinkum, some sort of down small business market sprawl. You could possibly pay a visit to all these three places inside a morning regardless it is advisable people look at the Nysa wrecks right now there within the shape secured along with pines. Also, pay a visit to Aphrodisias in which requires three a long time by Kusadasi. Here, you may revel in parkways, theaters, curves and radiant new historical center.

Being a prevalently touristic zone the town coddles an extensive number of outside occupants, with numerous touching base from Northern Europe. Having created from a country town, the town started to change over to a touristic focus in the 70s, initially providing food for residential Turkish occasion creators. In the 80s Kusadasi started to draw in outside guests and created further to speak to the mass touristic business.

Changes on the port range to cater for voyage liners drastically changed the town into a significant resort focus. The Kusadasi port has been the middle of the town all through its history, going about as both a major and minor halting point along the Aegean coast. Initially established in 3,000bc, the port region has seen numerous changes over its lifetime. Amid the extraordinary civilisations of the antiquated world, when the east and west were joined by the heading out dealers to the Orient, the town flourished as a last port along the Caravan Routes. Later in its history amid the Middle Ages, Kusadasi turned into a favored asylum for privateers working the encompassing oceans.

Kusadasi's history of privateers is held through the town's most conspicuous historic point, a turreted stronghold utilized as a base by the privateer Barbarossa placed on a little island just off the harbor. Other huge verifiable historic points in and close to the town of Kusadasi incorporate the antiquated city of Ephesus, the Artemis Temple, the Apollon sanctuary, the Basilica of St. Jean, the Seven Sleepers, the House of the Virgin Mary and the Caravanserai, among a few different historic points of recorded noteworthiness.

Nowadays Kusadasi keeps on evoling, pander to the requests of sightseers and land financial specialists. Sufficient cruising and water sport opportunities are accessible for the devotee, while a few fairways are at the present time development to give further alternatives to the present golf clubs of the encompassing ranges.

For you to visit kudasi in turkey you need to go online or go to the Turkish embassies and fill the application forms available for you to get the
turkish visas.

Term Life Insurance - Save Money The Smart Way

Term life insurance a type insurance in which a fixed coverage is provided for a limited duration till the term of the policy ends. This type of insurance policy is purely based on the concept of death benefits. The payment that the beneficiary of the policy receives after the insured person has passed away is known as the death benefit. Typically, the financial responsibilities that arise after the death of the policy holder are covered by using this type of insurance. Usually, it is paid as a pension or in the form of a one-time fixed amount to the beneficiary. 

Who Should Go for Term Life Insurance?
Term life insurance is intended for health people who have a limited income. In comparison to a permanent life insurance policy, the premium on a term life insurance policy is lower. People often opt for this insurance to ensure that in case of their death, their family is provided with some monetary compensation. It is also ideal for those who find higher premium unaffordable.
Types of Term Life Insurance Policies
Level Term
In this case, a fixed amount of premium has to be pad during the term of the insurance policy. At times, the term for the fixed premium is 10 years, and can be adjusted after this. Then, for another 10 years, the adjusted level of premium has to be paid. The duration of a level term life insurance policy can start from 1 year up to 30 years. Generally, this type of term insurance is renewable, and the 20-year term policy is the most popular form, which is intended for those less than 80 years old.
Renewable Term
It is possible to renew this type of term insurance policy once the specified term ends. When renewing the policy, policy holders do not have to undergo any further checks or tests to determine their eligibility. The premium that policy holders have to pay after the renewal of the policy is usually lower.
Decreasing/Increasing Term
In this case, over the course of time, an increase/decrease occurs in the amount of death benefit that the beneficiary is supposed to receive. However, during the term of the policy, the policy holders get to pay a fixed premium.
Convertible Term
With this policy, the policy holder gets the right of converting a level term policy into a permanent policy. This ideal for those who believe they will be able to afford the higher premium associated with a permanent policy at some point in the future.
Group Term
Unlike other term life insurance policies, the premium carried by this policy is lower since an employer or some association provides it to a group of people.
The cost of term life insurance policies is lower, and a predetermined amount of money is provided to the beneficiary. However, for those who want to accumulate wealth and can afford a better policy, the fact that they cannot accumulate saving/wealth with term insurance makes it less desirable. For others, the lump sum amount that is provided seems like a plus point because it ensures that their family would receive immediate cash in case of their death. Apply for Ni card and term insurance to secure yourself in the future.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


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As the saying goes in India, ‘another day, another festival’. Well, truth be told, this is not a recognised phrase in India – or anywhere, for that matter. We made it up. But the idea behind the phrase remains – whenever you are in India it can feel like as soon as one festival is over another is just around the corner. And where there is a festival in India there is also food. Most of us will have heard of the festival ‘big hitters’ – Holi and Diwali for example – but there are many, many more festivals on offer. Here we take a closer look at some of the lesser known food festivals India has to offer – all on a fruity theme.

Chikoo Festival (February)

First held in 2002 in Dahanu, a coastal city in the state of Maharashtra, the Chikoo Festivalfeatures a chikoo safari, exhibition of chikoo-based products and dance performances. With a backdrop of sand and surf it is sure to give anyone a new-found (or rekindled) love of chikoo.

Jackfruit Festival (June)

New in 2014, Kerala saw its first ever Jackfruit Festival organised by the Kerala Agricultural University. Aimed at promoting the jackfruit – a fruit that is found growing in many gardens within the state but is often overlooked in the kitchen – the festival showcases recipes and methods used to make jackfruit-based dishes including payasam, dosa, halwa and ice cream.

Mango Festival (July)

For two days of the year, India’s capital becomes a haven for mango lovers. The festival, which started in 1987, showcases more than 1000 varieties of the delicious fruit and features mango eating competitions, mango tasting, quizzes, mango carving and mango folk performances. During the course of these two days Delhi is also the place in which to buy the very best in mango chutneys, pickles, pulp, juice and plants, as well as the fruit itself.

Pineapple Festival (August)

Running since 2008, Manipur’s Pineapple Festival is another two-day event. Day one of this fiesta features a pineapple show contest in which pineapple farmers from across the state compete in the hope of winning a cash prize for the finest fruit. Prizes are Rs 60,000, Rs 40,000 and Rs 30,000 for gold, silver and bronze respectively. The second day is all about celebrating pineapples and includes a fruit-eating competition (generally a World Record breaking attempt) and the search for the state’s Pineapple Queen.

Apple Festival (September)

This two-day fest takes place in the town of Shimla in Himachel Pradesh and celebrates all that is good about apples. The state, often referred to as the fruit basket of the country, grows a wide variety of apples and the festival features apple exhibitions, dishes using apples and entertainment (presumably mostly apple-based). Horticulture and tourism are two of the things Himachel Pradesh’s economy depends on, with apples being the main horticultural crop. This festival addresses both of these – promoting apples to tourists!

For an authentic taste of India’s cuisine that is slightly closer to home, head to one of London’s Indian fine dining restaurants. There’s sure to be a fruity little number on the menu for you to try.

Nightlife In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Courtyard is usually a boutique hotel which offers comfort, refinement along with a unique character that can make your own stay right here unforgettable. It's a place to be able to rest in addition to relax, to have pleasure in fine drink and food, and experience the fabled friendliness of Sri Lankan food. We sign up for the fact that the way to provide our guests with all the finest home experience should be to set the very best standards of quality and gaze after them using unceasing rigor, treating their requests in addition to desires seeing that absolute necessities always.

Nestled within the heart of Colombo Metropolis

This elegant boutique hotel perfectly records a fusion of modern style using intrinsic portions of environmental style. Crafted around the idea of a series of open spaces, conscious light patterns and the use of recycled substance in its' special sculptures in addition to artful furnishings, stepping in, you may leave the clutter guiding.

The worrying business traveler will enjoy the motels proximity to be able to key industrial locations in addition to embassies. Colombo Courtyard is usually a quick stroll away to a lot of the city's entertainment and shopping areas as well


Our mission should be to provide a great exemplary connection with Sri Lankan food, treating every single guest in such a way that they'll wish to be able to repeat the experience, and suggest it unreservedly to be able to others. Eye-sight .To give you the finest possible and the majority memorable guests experience in terms real comfort, gastronomy in addition to service.


Colombo Courtyard boasts from the elegantly designed and furnished suites that are located in various floors from the property possessing gone directly into every attention to detail in meeting every one of the requirements in addition to expectations from the discerning traveler, some using private courtyard.

Designed in a very conventional nevertheless equipped with the modern features, suites feature bath tubs, bad weather showers, twin scrub basins that has a large mirror. The living room has an outside seating spot with 42 inch LCD screen with DIGITAL VIDEO DISC. In add-on, the bedroom has a 32 inchLCD panel so that you can relax in addition to unwind following a long morning.


The Scarlet Place at Colombo Courtyard is usually a uniquely designed space that has a cozy ambiance that prides themselves on the caliber of its food. Our accomplished Italian chefs provide a sophisticated knowledge drawn from absolute best of flavours and choose fusion meal.

Amber Spa

Amber Spa at Colombo Courtyard, and merit winning boutique hotel may be the perfect put in place the cardiovascular system of Colombo to be able to rest, relax in addition to holistic wellbeing after tough days of work or possibly a long international flight.

One may also get the Colombo Srilanka hotel booked via any on-line booking website as there are many sites available for the very same, from where the accommodation may be booked on-line. Some of such web-sites book motels instantly while other also provides additional benefits for example airport transport services, ticket for many upcoming events within the destination and so on... The city also provides good network of community transportation for example train, vehicles, taxis, auto rickshaws, cabs and so on...

Colombo motels are famous for delivering homely providers and establishments, which may very well be pleasant in addition to satisfying with the visitors. There are various modern establishments and features to pamper you as well as several leisure facilities for example swimming, spa, elegance treatments and so on their tend to be many stores and executing art stores to think about travelers. This Elphinstone, Podium Hall, and Lionel Wendt Theater have a rich historic background. Colombo features something for any traveler, whether they are seeking adventure or maybe leisure or even business. The main feature about the accommodation in Colombo is that we now have many hotels which range from cheap motels to celebrity luxury motels, thus catering for the need of any traveler based on his taste and budget. Some from the main Colombo high end hotels tend to be: This Regency with the Galle Face Hotel CASA Colombo This Park road Hotel Taj Samundra Hotel International airport garden motels Colombo Berjaya Mount Royal Beachfront hotel Colombo and many other. Get Sri Lanka Visa and enjoy the exotic and beautiful nightlife in Sri Lanka

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

San Francisco’s love for seafood

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The beautiful city San Francisco has the rich culinary heritage with liberal activism and diversified culture. Surrounded by the Bay and the Bay Area hills, the city bestows natural beauty. Food of SF is the most amazing which reflects the San Francisco culture and designed in an international way. Due to the Bay Seafood is the classic food choice of local people for the ample amount of availability. Also, it is available fresh from the sea in the local fish market. As, we know seafood has many health benefits apart from its deliciousness. Omega-3 fatty acid, essential vitamin and nutrient contents has let people eat the food regularly. Doctors also advise to include the Superfood in regular diet and you should eat twice a week. Due to all the advantages and large amount of availability, people have moved towards eating the seafood dishes. Also, the Superfood makes healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner. Cooking at home is the healthiest way of consuming this food. The aromatic flavor and firm texture is the best of eating this. Foodie people always love to have a nice bite of seafood in their meals.

San Francisco has the recognition of being the restaurant city in the USA. There are five star restaurants to street food stalls, where you can get the best food quality. Everywhere taste is different and speaks of its own. More than a hundred numbers of seafood restaurants are there in the heart of the city. Enjoyng fresh food near the Bay Area, watching the beach is the most amazing way to experience the city. Italian, Asian, Mexican and all world famous cuisines are here. Italian seafood is the most popular seafood cuisine. San Francisco prepares the Italian cuisine with local cultural effect in food. The restaurants bring a distinctive taste of food and prepared with the finest touch of the chefs in the city. People love crabs, different types fishes and shell fishes here. Adding fish sauces, flavorings, and oils, food are processed in a healthy way by many restaurants. Food decoration is quite important to attract people. The chefs engineer the dishes in a decorative manner. Eating seafood in commercial restaurants is always good. Because, it is quite difficult to handle the creatures from the sea. The best  San Francisco seafood menu includes Cioppino, Clam Chowder, Grilled Salmon, Many fish soups and salads. Eat the locally discovered Cioppino and favorite crab cakes in best restaurants.

Best fact of eating in an Italian restaurant is for the creamy texture, yummy taste and in an Asian restaurant for the aromatic, spicy delight. Availability of extra added freshness and sustainable seafood by the restaurants, people are quite habituated of eating outside. Find best food lounges in Fisherman’s Wharf and get your favorite seafood. Watch the spectacular wavefront of the Bay while eating in the Bay view restaurants in San Francisco. Eat more and visit more in the most amazing city.      

Top 10 Beautiful Cities in the World

If there is anything that can make your vacation a special one, then it is touring one the most beautiful cities in the world. There are thousands of city on this planet but there are those that have been considered to be the most beautiful. These are cities that will give you a paradise feeling. Here are the top ten most beautiful cities in the world today.

Semiyank, Indonesia
•Semiyank is a very popular tourist destination due to its amazing climate- Indonesia does not experience winter or fall seasons.
•There are plenty of beaches in this city that makes it very colourful and attractive.
•It is a very clean city and you will enjoy it.
•legian, Jimbaran and Sanur are some of best places to visit.

Lisbon, Portugal
•Being the capital of Portugal, Lisbon blends very well the natural beauty and modern construction making it very beautiful.
•A visit to the castle of Sao Jorge, Elevator of Santa Justas and many other places will show why it is considered among the most beautiful cities.
•The city still treasures its historical heritage and this has contributed to the large influx of tourists visiting to Lisbon.

Florence, Italy
•This is the capital city of Tuscany region in Italy.
•This city has a very rich historical heritage especially on the architectural designs.
•Apart from being a very populated city, it also very clean.
•It has many historical places such as museums, gardens, churches and other beautiful places.

Rome, Italy
•This yet another city in Italy that will amaze you with its beauty.
•This is a historic city with many years of existence and plenty of historical structures.
•A visit to Rome will definitely show you the path of civilization of Roman people.
•The remains of the famous Roman Empire are a great attraction to many.

Budapest, Hungary
•The beauty of this city has made to hit a record of 10 million tourist every year
•Budapest is creatively designed to reflect the locals’ culture especially on its buildings.
•Grasham and Aquincum Museum are just some of the famous places that are frequented by thousands of tourists.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
•Being the capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam attracts more than 15 million international tourists every year.
•The city is beautifully designed with very beautiful structures and facilities that attracts many
•Summer is the best time to visit this city where nights are just amazingly lighted.
•Rijksmeseum is a must visit place in this city.

Ottawa, Canada

•Being the capital Canada, this city is creatively and beautifully designed.
•The city have some of the most attractive shops and the building’s architecture just amazing
•It is one of the cleanest cities in the world in every corner.

Bruges, Belgium
•This is a historical city and with some of the most famous universities in the world.
•Easy accessibility of its main attractions is what has made it to record a huge number of tourists.
•The city is very well designed and you will be amazed by the creativity of the Bruges architectures.

Paris, France
•France boasts of having Paris feature in the world’s most beautiful cities list.
•Also referred to us the city of lights’ Paris is beautifully lighted.
•The presence of Eiffel Tower is the main attraction in the Paris.
•The city is very clean.

Venice, Italy
•This is another historical city in Italy making it to number one.
•The city is built on many small islands making it quite unique and magnificent place to be.
•Its amazing beauty has made it to be considered as the most romantic city in the world.
•The still maintains some of historical structures making the most beautiful city today.

These are the most beautiful cities in the world today. This is based on the number of tourists that visits these cities every year. Their beauty is just amazing and with Just an Esta application you can easily access majority of these cities.


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